After reading the first short story, I was severely confused. I had to Google-search the title “The Red Convertible” so I could get my bearings about what I was reading. Upon researching, I began to understand that this was set at the time of the Vietnam War. It was made clear to me that Stephan was suffering from PTSD from the war, and he represented a group of people who have no way of coping with what was going on in their lives, especially when they were people from an Indian reservation in America whose culture did not diagnose such things. The thing that shocked me the most about this story was how abruptly it ended. This honestly shocked me with every story. It was as if I, as the reader, was dropped right into the middle of each story without context for each story. In “Scales”, the story begins without much of a description of the point of view of the character narrating at all. There is no type of description that gives the reader an emotional connection to the person telling the story, and yet every story still leaves you feelingĀ something.

The last two stories, “Saint Marie” and “The Fat Man’s Race” were also very strange to me. The religious tones mixed in with native American culture are two concepts I need to get more familiar with. Also, the stories were rather frightening.

I am honestly trying to get my brain on a higher level of thinking right now, because these stories were very confusing. This post is essentially just me rambling.



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Maika Kagawa Bahr · November 27, 2018 at 11:56 pm

I definitely agree with you! These were quite heavy stories that threw me right into the middle of the action and made the theme clear, then went back and made me really root for the characters before breaking my heart at the end. What an emotional roller coaster right? The stories were all strangely mesmerizing and at first, for the Saint Marie story, I was not engaged at all, but still, by the end I was hooked.

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